400%rdr not working

Please reimburse and fix. Went a whole 5 hours and not a sing le 12* weapon in ultimate quest after 40+ boss kills. Not to mention I had a total of 850%- 1000 rdr.

If something (like the Rappy Pet for Summoner) has let's say a 0.02% Drop Rate, then if you increase it by 1000%, it's still a 0.2% Drop Rate. (0.2% =/= 20%, it actually is 0.2%, IE: less than 1%.)

You have to keep in mind that every single tech disk (and each level), every 8-9 (+10-Star for UQs) star pet drops, etc.

I know how percentages work, which is why I posted this, comparing the item logs of sigma weapons to deo weapons. Deo weapons have shown up about 400% more times. Considering I have a 1000%rdr I should be seeing Sigma weapons about half as often as someone with 0 rdr is getting deo weapons. To go all day in Ultimate Quest and not see a single 12*+ with 1000rdr is impossible. Not to mention I had very few 10* weapons drop.