Store Purchases missing?

I just tried to buy a Mag Ticket, first time the UI purchased a Mag reset Device, Second time the UI purchased the Mag Ticket I was after. However either of the Two Items did not appear in my inventory. Any of my storage either. I am not full of items either, so where did either of those tickets go?! cd911b5b-a1d3-46b9-8afe-8928a7f32b5c-image.png

If they work like the SG shop, they'll go directly to the terminal and you can pick em up there.

I do not see either of them in any storage tab.

Sorry, the Visiphone terminal. It should be under receive items.

I only see receive Campaign Items but all the options inside say No Campaigns Underway.

I've heard this happening to other people as well. You're best bet if you can't find the items is to send in a support ticket but with what's been going on you could be waiting a long time for a reply.

You can submit a support ticket here.

Best of luck, hope you get your items.

Thanks for the replies, I will have to create a Ticket to hopefully get AC refunded.

hey just the same thing happened to me !

bought a Mag ticket and isnt on my inventory nor Vision .....i gonna put a ticket too


Was on my storage! wth , use the search function mate