Redownloaded for the third time. (Please put it on Steam soon!)

This is the third time I had to uninstall and reinstall the game to get to work. I have played and got to level 28 as a Ranger, but every-time I see the White bar underneath the icon in the start menu.; It last forever and I had to restart my computer (before first uninstall) Then before I can I manage to get the launcher up and it gave me an error. I tried to uninstall it from the computer but nothing happened for 30 minutes. I went to the folder in my (D) drive and it was empty when I looked at properties to see how much it taking up space. The Icons were still present in the apps. I later check to see the ms store and I can reinstall it. I did and it lasted a week until now. I saw the white bar of death (name I gave it) and waited 3 hours. I tried to "repair and reset". Nothing happened. I tried to uninstall but nothing. I later went nuclear and tried to uninstall everything that is xbox related. Nothing happened until l I looked at my task manager an ended wsapps. Everything began to work. the Microsoft store pop up and the everything I uninstalled disappeared and some space cleared up.

Now I am downloading PSO2 for the 3rd time. will take me 2 and a half hours.

Please put it on Steam. I dislike having to do this troubleshooting every week.

I love this game and I want to put my money into it, but the Microsoft launcher is annoying.

I leave this as a sort of solution to anyone with the game not popping up and willing to continue with this madness. As for me, one more of this madness. I am done until I get the all clear. I have heard reports that it is eating up space on computer s, making it dead weight. I know the staff is hard at work at fixing this but, I love this game and want it to succeed as a popular MMO.

They need to get it off the App Store pronto. Even if it's a standalone launcher straight from the pso2 site.

Now my issue with the game is it not responding. Forcing me to either repair or reset the app from the Microsoft Store. Why wasn't this game released on Steam?