Can Someone Explain Subclasses To Me?

I thought players could use the Photon Arts of said sub-class but NOT the weapons.

But I'm a Braver/Fighter (I did it to get enough M-Def to wield a Nox Sagephus), and I equipped a Fighter weapon, but could NOT use a single Fighter PA.

..What's the point of using a weapon of a sub-class but none or the Photon Arts? Having asked myself this, I'm now sure I'm not understanding something.

..So what info am I missing?

Have you learned any PAs for the Fighter Weapon you equipped?

@AndrlCh Actually..I think I somehow equipped Soaring Blades as a Brv/Fght and confused myself.

....How the heck did I equip Soaring Blades? I don't think either class I'm using gets those! It seems anyone could use these ones, and I right confounded myself. My bad. XD

@Eguzky There are several specific weapons that are multi- or all-class, like all the 12* Sigma-series Weapons, so you can equip them even if neither of your classes matches them, and you wouldn't be able to use the PAs for them because of that.

@AndrlCh Yeah. I had on a Soaring Blade that any class could use, and I forgot that Fighter's don't use Soaring Blades. That's where I got confused.

Weirdly enough; I have a Double Saber that I have the stats to use, but I can't. SO I'm still confused. Fighter is my Sub-Class and they use the Double Saber. The weapon shows the Fighter icon.

And I should be able to use Sub-Class weapons, ya?

@Eguzky You can only use a subclass' weapon if the weapon is equippable by your Main class, so in your case, it needs to also have the Braver icon next to the Fighter icon or say that All Classes can equip it.

You can check the NA ARKS-Visiphone and it will tell you which weapons from each weapon type can be used by each class.

@AndrlCh said in Can Someone Explain Subclasses To Me?:

12* Sigma-series Weapons

As an example:

alt text

Dropped from an ARKS Rappy.

@AndrlCh Wait..So..I can only use a Sub-Class weapon if my Main class can use it..And all being a Sub-Class nets me is the stats & the PA/WA's? Which is strong, don't get me wrong.

I'm going to assume many high-level weapons are for multi-classes?

But does that not limit what Class/Combo people will play? I mean, if I like being a Braver/Gunner, but the game never had a a Braver/Gunner machinegun, then it's not going to be all that powerful..

@Eguzky At higher levels, there are very few multi- or all-class versions of Weapons.

The main point of these and being able to use your subclass' PAs is so that you can level your subclass while using the weapon of your main class, essentially so you don't have to learn a whole new style if you don't want to.

The game is very geared toward you only using your main class' weapons, with your subclass primarily serving to give you Skill Tree Skills that benefit your main class.

@AndrlCh So I have to change my thinking; the Sub-Class is not about powering me up for endgame. It's about levelling up a class without needing to switch?

Yeah, that's not correct at all. Sub-classes add a huge amount of value to your main class. They add base stats as well as a bunch of skills, which can include very large damage modifiers (and other utility skills).

@Eguzky The main point of a subclass is their Skill Tree Skills and how they benefit your main class. Being able to use their PAs is just a side benefit.

I will have to remember all this. Thank you 🙂

You can use some skills too . Exsample is having ranger as a sub class allows for use of the grenade or trap sub pallet moves. Some classes do work better for this like being able to use weaken bullet(idk if that can be used with a sub weapon assault rifle but gunner can use weaken bullet as a main weapon in its load out )

Otherwise state and traits that ain’t locked to a class (like gunners close range damage bonus would work on a ranger too ) work too . Just gotta keep an eye out on the description