Advance Quest Etiquette - NEW PLAYERS PLEASE READ!

Just thought I'd point out some things I see people doing that could frustrate others in your party (believe it or not).

Also... remember to greet and thank your party members!

1, It's NOT a race.

I get it. You like to go fast! You like to dash! But please understand if you move too far ahead of your party members they WILL NOT receive any EXP. And right now AQs are the End Game for level grinding as there's a 100% EXP boost active to all Advance Quest. AQs are not Free Exploration Quest, they're AQs.


The main goal when running AQs is obtaining a PSE Chance and trying really hard to turn that PSE Burst into a CROSS BURST! In order to do that you will need to kill as many enemies as possible. Therefore, if you leave parts of the map unexplored you will miss out on your chance for a PSE Burst. Trust me, hearing the announcer say "CROSS BURST!!!" is by far one of the most satisfying things to hear in the entire game during gameplay. And after a CROSS BURST has been established hearing him say CROSS BURST again..... you get what I'm trying to say, right. This is the MAIN OBJECTIVE when running AQs.

3, Buy a Nox Weapon (Very Hard ONLY)

They're inexpensive for all classes. Everyone should have one with 50 element and at least +10.

4, Message to all new Force/Techters Players

Believe it or not, YOU are the MASTERS of Advance Quest. You are a literal... LITERAL WALKING NUKE with a Photon Burst that restores your PP and will fully recharge in 8 - 15 seconds during a PSE Burst if you blast everything in your sights. Your Technique have a ridiculous range (you can even hit things out of range with TPS Mode) on them which allows you to stand in one spot and never ever have to move during a PSE Burst. Make sure you're properly geared and your techniques match the enemies weakness so you can annihilate everything. You are without a doubt the strongest asset in the party so long as you are properly geared and have some experience with your techniques.

Whatever happened to letting new players figure things out? The game was released like, one week ago for most.

@SilkYukata I totally agree. There's nothing wrong with having fun and figuring things out. But I also degree since PSO2 has been available for 8 years now. People will more than liking look up a guide for anything like... what to feed their Mag, Skill builds, what to do at end game, etc. And these things are usually discovered on Forums, their favorite Twitch streamers, or Youtube content creators.

I have yet to inform a single player in-game about any of the things mentioned above because I simply do not want every conversation to lead to JP players are being toxic. And, I would just simply play with friends if I seek a better experience. I usually ask them are they enjoying the game and hope they're having fun. That's why I used the Forum to inform new players OUTSIDE THE GAME so that it's less toxic, and the next time they go into PSO2 they'll take a little bit of knowledge with them.

@Arstavia said in Advance Quest Etiquette - NEW PLAYERS PLEASE READ!:

3, Buy a Nox Weapon (Very Hard ONLY) They're inexpensive for all classes. Everyone should have one with 50 element and at least +10.

As a note to Summoners, this doesn't matter. Damage dealt by pets doesn't count any TEC/etc. added by your weapon. Also, like Force/Techers, your pet can attack enemies as far as your target indicator allows. (Which is VERY far.) Your pet will also continue on to auto attack any enemy your character has line of sight of in any direction as long as you've LoS'd it when you started to attack.

Like Force/Techer, Summoners also can tunnel vision targets through enemies (especially useful on Big Varder.) Allowing you to hit enemies without needing to be on top of an enemy you can stand on.

@Arstavia In any case, as someone who's played since april and is somewhat not a noob, I appreciate your etiquette breakdown.

Dont buy a nox weapon, sigma weapons can be used by all classes. So figure out your favourite weapon and use it for all classes you are levelling up.

Definitely buy a sigma launcher get all 4 of the team to back against a wall and jump into the air and spam the normal attack button on very hard you will 1 shot nearly every thing with it .

The biggest bit of advice I can give is just play very hard and dont bother with super hard. You will level up alot quicker on the easier level even when you are level 65+

Play a RA with an assault rifle and make it boring for everyone else. >_>

@SilkYukata that's fine and all, but AQs cost capsules (though hardly any) so people want to get the most out of their use.

There is always the option of taking AI if you want to play AQs differently.

I did my first advance quest today. It was the tutorial one but I did have a random person join me before it all started, i think he was 15 levels higher then me and by the end of it I was really thankful to have him because if he was not there it would have gone fairly bad for me. I did thank him for his help, and he thanked me for the party. What a cool dude. He was the hero i needed but didn't deserve.

I kind of want to remind ppl that this sort of follow for amped quest. Been seeing a lot of ppl who literally rush way ahead of ppl and cause other ppl to miss the spawn xp because they feel dashing ahead gonna get them more pse burst. I mean it's random you might or might not get a pse to level 8. Dashing ahead in an attempt to keep pse up isn't really that helpful because you may have a effect up to level 7 but it won't increase to 8 because of randomness.

It's not even that big of an issue if it weren't for them actually killing enemies fast. They speed up ahead and leave a lot of enemies sitting there and the ones in the back are the ones actually killing them. If you leave too many enemies around they won't spawn in other places.

Had a run the other day where we got two nice PSE bursts, but because one guy was rushing through the whole thing we didn't even get to finish the second burst. Quest ended abruptly mid-burst when 3/4ths of the party had just entered the second part of the map, everyone booted back to gateship without any warning : (

If you want to rush through AQ for the rally event, that's cool honestly, sometimes you're in a rush and just want the buffs active for later. But say something so you're not screwing over the rest of the party that wanted to clear it properly.

I think this is a good discussion to be had. Also another point maybe to have a direction you guys will always automatically go in so there is less confusion. For example, I like to go to dead ends first.

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