Ship 1 - Sailor Scouts PSO2 Alliance

Ship 1 -- Sailor Scouts PSO2

Welcome, welcome! Be apart of the Sailor Scouts! We are a friendly alliance that accepts all types of members. We've made a discord and website for you to enjoy and communicate with eachother. I'm from the east coast in EST but any time zone is welcome to join. You are also welcome to invite your friends to the game for them to join! I'm going to be a main PC player but accept players from Xbox and beyond! 🙂 I hope we can all get along and have fun!

Xbox Gamertag: Katashi16 (if you want to add me to bring you into our alliance feel free!)

Discord Invite

Alliance Website

Hope to see you there until release!

@katashi16 Your supposed to post alliance recruiting messages in the super thread here ^-^ Recruiting? Post your Alliance recruitment info here!