Recruitment closed

Currently closed.

bump Currently, there is an on-going campaign for joining an Alliance from 05.27 to 06.09. The conditions are:

・Join an Alliance with at least 4-12 members during campaign period

・Earn at least 5000 to 10,000 AP together during campaign period

・Rewards will be distributed after the maintenance on 6/24


・SG20 Ticket (x2)

・Two-Tailed Scarf (x1) (Accessory)

・255: Rappies (x1) (Emote)

bump 8char

post maint bump

bump we need more PC peeps, since the xbox players are mostly quiet

Typing on the xbox is ridiculous, don't count us out though.

Nothing against xbox players, I'm sure you guys are fun to hang out with too.