How to play soaring blades?

Hi it's been 4 days since I started and I'm struggling with soaring blades. I can play decent with the boots but I keep dying to things I really shouldn't be when I use blades.

Can anyone give some tips the only videos I find are explanations of the photon attacks.

It's all about learning your invincibility frames and timing. Question: have you invested in the "Photon Blades Escape" Skill?

@AndrlCh not yet I haven't gotten that far down the skill tree

@Ruebattery It actually becomes available immediately after you invest the first three Skill Points into Dexterity Up 1.

Anyway, with 5 Skill Points fully invested in that Skill, using your SB's Weapon Action and a directional input will give you 0.35 seconds of i-frames, which is more that you can get from a normal dodge with 10 SP into Advanced Dodge.

That basically gives you the greatest mechanic-based advantage to survive with SBs; from there, it just becomes a matter of learning enemy tells and deciding when it is best to Dodge or Photon Blade Escape with the right timing. This part just requires patience and practice.

For the sake of knowing, can you recreate your Skill Tree in the Skill Sim (make sure to set the language option to "English (PSO2NA)" and post it here?

I see you are missing something big from your Tree if this is accurate: Stance Skills. One of the biggest reasons you are having issues is also likely that you are not hitting hard enough and thus enemies aren't dying fast enough, giving them more opportunity to attack you.

Common practice is to invest in your Stance Skills as soon as possible since they are the biggest source of damage multipliers.

Also look into getting a Soaring Blades Tackle ring ASAP. Combined with PBE you get I frames and do damage when you escape if you get mobbed.