Umm..Did I Mess Something Up?

I returned after AFKing to an event to go to the 'Corrupted Mothership' but before each alert that the vent is starting, the VA is in Japanese and THEN English.

..Did I mess something up? Every other Urgent Quest has been in English only..

@Eguzky Honestly i haven't played that much but it might be non-translated content or a glitch really, i encountered a bug of another nature with the settings already so it wouldn't be too bold to think it was in fact a glitch.

The game has both English and Japanese dialogue available, so it is likely just a bug pulling the Japanese voice lines instead of the English ones. I know I have had that issue with the Daybreak Province boss having the JPN VA one run, then the ENG one the next.

This is something that you should likely submit a support ticket for so they have a record of it so that it can be fixed.