It seems game is rated. SO TAKE MY MONEY !!!

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Any reason why you still don't want to take my money?

@donpadre01 said in It seems game is rated. SO TAKE MY MONEY !!!:

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Any reason why you still don't want to take my money?

They can take your money, they just aren't allowed to accept money from outside NA for various legal reasons, doesn't stop you from asking someone from the US to buy a gift card and give you the code, and then redeem it, obviously not free, and also obviously against the ToS.

Untill it gets released outside of the MS-Store, I don't see a way to "Give" them money without going through a convoluted process to do so.

Personally, I think I'll go back to the JP server, AC is cheaper there, the only "Real" hurdle is creating a sega account. everything else is easy enough with the tweaker from arks-layer, in fact, it's doing a better job of handlihg the client files than MS-Store is currently doing, the only downside is that you'll occasionally find stuff that isn't translated yet, and some people in chat speaking japanese (how dare they speak anything other than english :P) and the higher latency (which, IMHO if you're from Europe, you won't really notice it anyway).

The NA version sounded promising, but I learned something new once it got released, those that didn't care to use a 3rd party program to play on the JP server before the NA release was even a thing, tend to lose interest in the game shortly after it was finally released, I don't have any hard data to back up my claim so don't quote me on that, but I know a few people who refused to use the tweaker, and have now lost interest in the NA release as well (you could say it just wasn't for them)

The choice is yours tho, NA does have some interesting things that are missing from the JP server, and at the same time the JP server has stuff that have not yet been released for the NA version (and some stuff that got removed as they were obsolete)

@TrueSocialFox For the money part if you are outside NA you can actually buy USD gift cards on amazon if you have a Paypal account actually you don't even need a VPN or anything apparently.

@Dracoco1214 Sadly that only works if your Paypal details show you in NA, I tried and it refuses to allow me to purchase the gift-cards due to region mismatch. And because my paypal is directly linked to my Debit Card, I can't change the region without removing the card (which I won't do for personal reasons)

I really only want an normal option to buy currency. I hope that it's only a matter of how broken the Microsoft store is and it will be fixed with the next patch.

Otherwise I really don't see a point of continuing the game. I want bigger bags and trading with guild mates. (Why is guild storage behind a pay wall -.- )