10Star+ Pet Eggs? Where?

What is the minimum difficulty the 10 star and above pet eggs drop? I know they are rare but I dont want to spam very hard or whatever and they dont even have a chance to drop.

Also, any pet candy guides out there?

Very Hard drops 10 star eggs with minimal chance

I just realized you can select a mission and select "View Quest Log" and you can view the item drop tables for all the zones based on what other players found. Its not super accurate because not everyone is a summoner so egg data is a bit scarce but it helps a lot.

I just got a 12 Wanda from gone with the wind

I got a 12* Sally from highest difficulty in the Naverius Forest UQ And a 12* Marron from the Ultimate Quests, so that's where they drop.. Pretty sure they drop in high VHAQ/SHAQ's too

So far I'm a farm mad guy got these eggs while trying to get my slave weapon

Got a 13 popple from the ultimate quest with the machines 2nd one.

Got a 12 star wanda from urgent quest gone with the wind.

Just got a 13 Viola today from the Urgent quest the one that's just boss fight the guy with the tail and four pillars it dropped from the red version of the boss not the normal gold 1.

Also 12 marrons from the forest ultimate quest.

Need a trim for that support roll 😞 pretty much had around 9 or 10 slave weapons and like 3 gix but still no harmonizer...

Eggs are really really low in the lootpool.

Edit all done on Extremely Hard difficulty

Could you please give any indication about how much time it took you to get any 12+ egg? I am farming the extrem quest for hours, tonnes of 12 star weapons but no egg better than 9 star 😕

in addition all other class can buy there weapons from badges etc.. but pets can only be dropped and with ridiculously low rare (and only summoner so nothing on market)

a bit sad that you never really get any upgrade, you get the same pet from lvl1 (if you get them from collection) to 75

@VendeeMan used 100% triboost 250% drop rate .. got 2 eggs in 2 hours of straight farming the Ultimate Quest.

2 13* Eggs 1 11* Egg 2 10* Eggs

Guess I am not lucky then

Nah that dude is just ridiculously lucky. Eggs have a very very low drop rate in ultimates. I have over 100 hours now and still no 13 stars. You can also see the odds kind of by check item drops on the quest, shows how many have dropped.

@VendeeMan sorry for my late reply put it this way I have been in them non stop to say I have all the titles from killing the bosses 100 times

Just got a 13 * Synchro from the new Vagas Urgent Quest also