How Do I Report People In Game?

There's a couple jagoffs on Ship one, Block 069 that are making fun of anyone who has a basic outfit. Crap like digs about having no life, spending money on a game, or 'look at this shinji a** motherf***er' (I censored it, they did not.)

Jackasses need to be banned.

It's been nothing but a stream of toxic comments. I have about 6 screenshots of what these people have been saying.

You can click on them to report them. A option will pope up. Also for symbol art. Go to chat below chat type box you see picture art button click that window pops up choose recent picture art you will see all recent from there click on the one you want to report choose block then reason and such and will block and report that.

But I warn you. All mods for game have pretty much been MIA sense PC launch.

Oh good. People are starting to post porn images in the reaction picture things. Christ. The mods better get their butts back into the game before it turns into nothing but harassment and hentai images.

don't go to ship 1 then ship 1 is full of people doing it my ignore list is growing rapidly

here is my thread seeking help on that manor:

@DarkKiaser said in How Do I Report People In Game?:

don't go to ship 1 then ship 1 is full of people doing it my ignore list is growing rapidly

here is my thread seeking help on that manor:

Sadly, my character is nearly level 50, my friends are on Ship 1, and our Alliance is on Ship 1. The mods need to just log in and fix it.

Yeah, you can click them and ignore and report them. However, that censored example you provided is very tame and something I wouldn't even bother reporting, lol. Mute them, sure. Report them, no.


  • Btw you can turn off symbol chat .. you might regain sanity points that way

@Seed I feel this so much i can already imagine what type of degeneracy it is just with my previous experiences, i can only think of kids being exposed to that crap and it make me mad honestly.

Some mods are activr, but theyre on different ships sometimes. I have a few added.

@Seed Yea no. Lets not act like the lobby dwellers that dnt actually play the game and just enter S/X UQs to spam uncensored hentai like crazy every time they die are sane ppl, they are eTrash and we all know it. Trolling is an inmature act to annoy others dnt try to diguise it with the old "Mu adult liberty"

fedora anime soy beard

Sounds like you deserved it with that avatar.

@Peacewalker1875 Careful, you may cut someone with that edge.

..Are you sure you're old enough to play this game? I mean, I expect 'you deserved it' judgmental attacks from 6 year olds. Not adults or even anyone past 13.

So shoo, go tell your mommy and daddy to t urn on parental controls before you get hurt.

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