Controller Keybind Modifiers?

Been trying to keybind weapon pallette switch shortcuts to my controller since playing on controller feels more comfortable to me. I've tested this and the keybinds work out of game. But in-game I am unable to get the modifiers to work. When i press the button on the controller I've assigned to one of the numpad keys it does not register. I'm personally using DS4 windows as the ps4 controller would have more button options with the touch pad.

What's odd is that I was actually able to get this to work for a day, but then it stopped working the next day with no explanation I can figure out as to why. From what I can tell I am able to map controller buttons to another button on said controller but I am unable to map any keyboard keys.

Dunno if anyone else has any experience with this or has another program that would work?


I am having the same issue. Also using DS4Windows.

For some reason Middle Mouse Button is the only thing that works when I bind it to my touchpad and I'm not sure why..

I've even tried setting the keys to "scan code" which sometimes makes it work for other games but not this one.

At least I got one extra button going but hopefully someone knows a way to make them all work. That'd be great!

the game appears to be completely stealing the gamepad. not even autohotkey is working to solve this. not even a trick i know with STEAM, which has never once before failed me, is working.

it appears to have something to do with xgaming.dll file in the game directory. ( don't delete without first making a copy. this delete is permanent. ) moving the file, or renaming it, changes controller behavior in the game, but can't seem to log-in manually to test actual gameplay.

only way i can think to work around this is to make the game NOT see the controller. well, Joy2Key isn't working because it just seems to apply like a layer.

i also wouldn't mind setting up some custom bind/functions on gamepad. ^_^


you could hook up a second controller to the system and tell windows the default controller to use. i haven't tested this and don't currently feel like it, but yeah... hook another controller and try. goto Devices and Printers on your PC and right click a controller and hit Game controller settings. use the Advanced button to choose a preferred device.

this way the game should use the controller you select, the controller you don't actually want to use. and should be able to use whatever methods to configure your actually used controller.


Really hoping someone has found a solution for this! would be amazing for my subpallete use with a controller.

I tried the above idea and i couldnt get it to work. Could have possibly done it wrong though so maybe someone else can try it too to confirm?

Been losing hair over this the last few hours as well. Nothing I try seems to work, it's so strange that DS4Windows makes PSO2 recognize the controller but the settings are forfeit.