Gunners gear

So I hit 50 this evening and I'm wondering if it's time to start getting serious about my gear. So far I've just been using drops and upgrading my gun.

Should I carry on this way or do I need to sort myself out?

If it is time to gear what should I be aiming for and how do I get it?

I'm gunner/Hunter and my build is mostly winging it. As you can guess I'm a pretty casual player.

Thanks in advance

For gear, i'm currently using a +30 Nox Chario 12* tmg while i farm up a 13*. For units try to find a set that gives you some R-atk, PP and/or HP. Nox weapons drop from SH+ Urgents, but other 12* TMGs will work too you can also use ingame Meseta to buy weapons/units off the personal shop. Units come from SH+ content mostly, currently the best ones are the RAY-12*units, but they take eternity to get from scratch so going for something like Brissa/Saiki in the end should carry you quite far.

As far as your damage goes, most of your multipliers are from your skillbuild. If you have a suboptimal skillbuild it means you will lack sometimes significant amounts of dmg. As long as you leveled up your % dmg boosts you should be doing at least allright.


Thanks for the advice, that all seems nice and clear. I'll have a play around after work

Forgot to mention that Saiki/Brissa are quite expensive, finding a suitable set by checking units with "confirm set effect" from your inventory and looking at the defense values on them helps you find whatever you might want.