Xbox Companion App not working

So in my attempts to download this game, I ended up somehow affecting the Xbox Companion App. Which, apparently, is a requirement to get past the title screen.

I've tried reinstalling, resetting the app. I've tried the same for the Store, too. I've tried downloading and logging into every other Xbox-related app.

Nothing works. I need to fix my access to the Xbox Companion app. How do I go about doing that? I believe I may have changed its ownership but I also tried changing it back. And I don't want to go through any sort of reinstalling of Windows for this.

Please help me. Thank you!

if it did affect that program, probably others related to Microsoft aren't working like they should and if you are trying to login in some of those and opens and closes a window without letting you do anything then you probably have the same problem I had with the Windows 10 logs being broken or corrupted, if is that then you have no choice other than reinstalling Windows again but you don't need to format the HD to do that.

It is literally only the Xbox Companion App. All other programs... Save PSO2, of course, work fine.