Getting A Little Irritated

A friend gave me a late B-day gift of some cash to but AC in PSO2. So I got About 18 Dark Omens scratch tickets.

I've gotten about 8 CAST pars (I'm not a CAST), 5 female parts (I'm male), and the same top part twice, and a new top part..

Seems like I'm missing something to USE said top parts without looking stupid; PANTS. And absolutely NO normal shops sell pants of any kind.

So hooray for freaking top clothing I can't use because I'm not CAST, clothing I can't use because I'm not female, and clothing I can't use without running around pantsless.


Welcome to PSO2. That has been a thing since day one.

You can buy Layered wear from the Personal Shops. If you have Premium, you can also sell those parts and outfits you can't use for some meseta in your own Personal Shop to buy a Basewear to go with the Outer you have.

@Meta77 It's stupid.

I need at least pants to wear with the Ridel Mindaol or TWO Eville Exceeder M I have.

@Eguzky said in Getting A Little Irritated:

@Meta77 It's stupid.

I need at least pants to wear with the Ridel Mindaol or TWO Eville Exceeder M I have.

Lies no one needs pants. embrace the wind. lol but it can be annoying if not used to it. I bought the sonic pack and forgot my cast can not wear it properly. so when i wear it he has odd white arms and it just looks creepy.

It seems most of your posts are about things you misunderstood about the game that are all very simple things. Just buy pants in the players shop

@redPG Very true. This does not make them less irritating, though. Or in any way deminishes the fact that devs should look at it and go 'Maybe a slight change would make people happy'.

I may use hyperbole and flail a bit, but I only complain about games I like playing, or want to like playing. I would not waste the time on a game I dislike.

On the plus side from what Iv seen female cloths is valued more than males . So you should be able to sell off what you can’t use and buy stuff you are after possibly making profit too on the stuff you did sell

Male outfits are so easy to get from the shop tbh, sell things you don't need if you have the shop, lots of hair / female outfits sell really well. Or don't by the tickets and invest in things like Skill resets , more mags etc and just grind up money to buy stuff from the shops.

Once you get all three free characters to level 50 you can get an easy 2 million meseta per character from weekly quests. Then just log in and out of them to do the easy high value quests: like pool fishing turn ins. Meseta is easy to get and if you're a male character most of your outer wear, base wear, and inner wear are gonna be super cheap. It's accessories that are often the most expensive items.