PSO2 doesnt "do" anything anymore?

I had been playing for 3 days. Yesterday the game stopped doing anything.

Launching does nothing.

Attempted to uninstall (from 5 different buttons: pso2 app screen, windows app screen, right click on the launcher) nothing happens: * bf300890-455a-4dd0-9fbe-d361b5ba2223-image.png

I try to reinstall/repair from the microsoft store, nothing happens: * 04eb9266-8cd4-43e1-8f17-aa04126582a2-image.png a3245bad-5d58-4be4-baab-2f19e2f57f9d-image.png

None of the buttons on app settings page did anything: be62aa58-e150-4390-8cce-e536d15c3bff-image.png

  • = (When I say nothing happens, I mean I left it for 2 hours to try and do what it needed and nothing showed up. It took me 30 minutes to install the game initially)

I cant find anything in the windows resource monitor nor task manager about any of these actions doing anything.....................

This has been happening to a lot of us. Heard it has something to do with the files corrupting when your computer either shuts down or restarts.