PSO2 doesnt do anything

I had been playing for 3 days. Yesterday the game stopped doing anything.

Launching does nothing.

Attempted to uninstall (from 5 different buttons: pso2 app screen, windows app screen, right click on the launcher) nothing happens: * bf300890-455a-4dd0-9fbe-d361b5ba2223-image.png

I try to reinstall/repair from the microsoft store, nothing happens: * 04eb9266-8cd4-43e1-8f17-aa04126582a2-image.png a3245bad-5d58-4be4-baab-2f19e2f57f9d-image.png

None of the buttons on app settings page did anything: be62aa58-e150-4390-8cce-e536d15c3bff-image.png

  • = (When I say nothing happens, I mean I left it for 2 hours to try and do what it needed and nothing showed up. It took me 30 minutes to install the game initially)

I cant find anything in the windows resource monitor nor task manager about any of these actions doing anything.....................

Had the exact same issue just happening to me right now. Played all day just fine. Unresponsive app icon, then "This app encountered a problem" in MS store, then the game proceeded to delete itself in a heartbeat. I'm getting absolutely baffled by this shit, and neither Sega nor Microsoft communicate on this.