Well that SUCKS

Not the beta mind you. I had ablast. The fact that the Reset Save Data, HAS NO POP UP WINDOW. All my closed beta hard work is just GONE. I was just teting a few more menu items to give some beta feedback, and I guess I now have something to report to help future players. Since this is an MMO and not a single player game where you would want to start over on a new game, you should have a Confirmation screen saying at the least "ARE YOU SURE?" you want to delete all your hard work, save data, inventory and character storage. Nope, just press A, no furher explanation, and Poof your are back to New Player status. Geez. Had maxed character, had amazing items in inventory, hard earned all the beta items, but now it's all just gone. I guess I did my duty as a beta tester, but this just hurts after playing the game for over 10+ hours all weeknd.

Was testing out some menu items and expected the Erase Save Date to have a confirmation screen, but Nope. All character data is now gone for Demona under Gamertag: Lucky 13 X. How come this game does not have a feature like other MMO's where it has you confirmation window by placing in the character's name before it erases your save data? This is not a single player game where you can delete your save, and just start over. This is a game you would spend months playing and get unique Closed Beta period only items and progress in, but now now that is just gone. And why is this saved locally and not only on a reserver. Anyway, I had thought it would give me ore info or was just about resetting my confirguration data, but it appears that I am back to New Player start when I choose Start game. PSO2, can you place fix this over sight before game launch, as a parent with kids could have their hard work just GONE if they leae their console on, and the mouse over tooltip is not very descriptive of what will be happening oce you press A on the chracter. Sure it makes sense thto those that played this game before, but to me I epxetced more ifnormation or a pop-up indicting what will happen.

I know people probably looked at this and laughed, but I do want the goal of my bug report to be taken seriously. We need to ensure the menu is more DESCRIPTIVE. Instead of Reset Save Data, have it say Erase Character and Items. Or again, have a Confirmation Window come up that explains in detail what would happen. Would be nice also if it requires you to enter the character(s) to delete as an additional confirmation, since this game allows you to create 3 and possibly even more with AC purchase.

It's just far to easy to have your hard work deleted by mistake as you are trying to get down to the Return to Title Screen menu, and there is no confirmation window if that is the action you are wanting to take.

I'm sure they believe the issue, but I have a very hard time believing you had a maxed character, earned ALL the beta items, etc. in just 10+ hours. That is just not believable.

Even if it was just a little over 10 hours, it won't be hard to get everything back if you did ALL OF THAT in just a short time.

Wishing you good luck on building your character up again in the future.

@Nimble-Banana I had a maxed pet of 70 (you just keep feeding it rare eggs) and my character level at end of beta was 33. I misspoke earlier. I did not use any of my EXP boosts or my character could have been around 40 or 50 due to urgent quest participation. Since I lost my inventory, I guess I will work on grinding my way back up to those levels and beyond, but with FAR LESS enthusiasm and NO desire to spend any real AC currency.

I am not real sure what happened here, this could very well be some sort of bug. What is supposed to happen is if you are looking to delete your character then you will have to select an option under the character you are selecting. Once you've done that there is an option to delete the character, but keep in mind it is not an instant deletion. I would make sure that you didn't accidentally create a character on Ship 2, but login on Ship 1. Characters between ships are not universal and may require payment at the full launch to transfer.

There is also a confirmation window that pops up when you are trying to delete your character, I have tested this, and it is working with a pending amount of time to delete it. Also, if you played PSO2 Japan and you are looking for characters you created from that version of the game you will not be seeing them here.

So you selected delete character and then wanted to see what would happen if clicked on it and it the PSO 2 developers fault?

It's not the PSO crews fault to stop your kids from deleting your character, as a parent you should be supervising your kids.

To be fair, JP has nothing like that for an option not even on the PS4/Vita/Switch versions as far as I know, it is kinda strange to see an option like that in the first place.

But it was clear what it would do so I mean.

@Lucky-13-X You definitly did not delete your character. All you did was delete the appearance data you saved when making the character.

@Azuraerun said in Well that SUCKS:

@Lucky-13-X You definitly did not delete your character. All you did was delete the appearance data you saved when making the character.

Oh, this might explain it. Yeah, I hope that a middle man window gets added to combat this for new players.

@Azuraerun said in Well that SUCKS:

@Lucky-13-X You definitly did not delete your character. All you did was delete the appearance data you saved when making the character. I really hope athat is the case. Man this quote featur e isnot working for me.

Good grief. This quote system sucks on my browser. The above response has my comment and quotes mashed up. My comment is actually " I really hope athat is the case. Man this quote featur e isnot working for me." Also, if I try to post something in less than 2 minutes as a new user, it allows me to Post Reply, but then does not post my reply because I am under the post limit window. They should instead grey out the Post reply buttong UNTIL I am allowed to post, not let me hit the button and then my reply goes into the internet ether?!