For those who aren't familiar with MMORPG releases in the past two decades let me provide some context; it's common practice in the industry to have a lead community manager or a project lead who explains what is going on with the game. Some sort of failure is very common at launch so staff will be at the ready for hotfixes or server issues even if it's the weekend.

"Communication" in the sense we are using it applies to how it's been used every other time in PC MMO history. Normally within 24-48 hours there would of already been comments explaining known issues and their plans to deal with it or if there are things preventing fixes they will explain why that is, etc.

Notable issues like the bad lobby stuttering would be hotfixed as soon as they figured out the issue, even if the servers had to be taken down temporarily. Issues preventing people from playing like the install issues and the game deleting itself would have continued updates explaining what they think has caused it and what is causing any delays on a fix if it's complex.

Common complaints by the majority would be addressed and if the answer was, "no, we aren't doing that at this time", they would explain the reason why. In some cases they don't explain why until a press release later on but they do at least give an initial yes/no answer.

This is all the de facto standard of every other release in history. Nexon for example was always known to be slow for responses and they would usually say, "No, we aren't changing this" to common community requests. This is one of the reasons they have such a bad rep but they would at least say, "No", within a reasonable timeframe..

As for how things should be handled:

1 - Lobby Stuttering - This is really irritating and experienced by everyone. A really bad first impression to potential paying customers if you were able to get in-game. Apparently it's a glitch in the memory optimization code on the client when the launcher activates it.

There is no reason they should have to wait for maintenance to fix this as it's client side. It involves changing the patch manifest file on the server and replacing the main exe. Unless there is some sort of logistical background issue or strange design flaw with their server preventing this then they need to tell us why a hotfix is going to take 2 weeks.

2 - No new servers for PC release - This is more a combination of if ignorance and penny pinching. I understand from the business side that you don't want new servers to increase costs but clearly evidenced by Wow Classic, EQ Progression servers, etc it's obvious that PC players love fresh starts and will pay for it.

Considering the current market only Ship 4 should of been added as a fresh start option for launch at first; servers can always be merged later. After they chose not to open additional servers and once realizing the install and game deletion issues; I can understand they may want to wait until that is resolved to judge if additional servers are needed. However, they should announce their decision as to not leave potential paying customers hanging out to dry.

3 - Install/Game Deletion issues - Plain and simple this is a Microsoft Store bug and it ties into Windows 10 development. Microsoft does not care about having a bad reputation because they know people are forced to use Windows 10. This issue ties in to Windows 10 development and is a very slow process.

Think of it along the lines of a monthly Windows Update that a large amount of users lose audio, or files start going missing, etc. You have a lot of complaints but no matter what it's going to take weeks to a month for a fix. This isn't SEGA's fault and they likely want to have that fixed immediately as it's a large factor preventing income.

However, once again it is their fault for not telling everyone what exactly is going on, what they think may be the cause and how difficult to fix it is. Even if they have a gag order from Microsoft, SEGA should of stressed the importance of their own reputation to bring more detailed information to their customers.

It is also their fault for not releasing this as a Beta after retrofitting the client for 64 bit and Xbox PC integration. Sure, people would complain but if it was beta and they weren't taking people's money then it's understandable that these things happen..

- 4 Item Mall Costs - This is a more recent one trending as people get in-game. In the past two decades I can only think of one MMO that the item mall caused significant issues, that being Allods Online. They had a kind of bait and switch at release adding some nasty things that prevented you from playing the game unless you paid money.

PSO2's item mall has nothing that blocks you from playing. Sure it's inconvenient, irritating and slightly expensive on certain things but you can still play without running into a wall. They design it this way to extract money from Whales. Personally I believe they should of updated the item mall with more Dolphin Value Packages than just the Game Pass(i.e. Monthly plan for100 AC per day for 30 days for $7.99, etc.)

Prior F2P MMO's tended to refuse changes on pricing unless they are statistically seeing people not buy things or a bunch of complaints in the media about pay walls. In any case they should at least make the usual response saying they feel it doesn't need to be changed at this time and will actively monitor it and so forth.

In conclusion.. Some people may agree or disagree with certain things I've mentioned but you can't argue the fact that SEGA is having reps repeat canned statements with no proper answers for an entire week and this is just unacceptable for the type of product it is..