2nd Password

How do I reset this? I've tried to use the reset in the game, it says in yellow print "If you have forgotten your 2nd password, please select the "2nd Password" option in the Online Manual.

I've done that, all it says to do is use Change/Reset on that screen. I do that, and then select "Password Reset"; It says to review the details of my "Platform" and hit Yes. Ok cool, I do that, and it says;

"Your 2nd Password cannot be reset given your current play environment". It wants me to open a ticket. Ok fine. I did that. 5 days ago. It's been 5 days and 0 response from anyone at PSO2.

I've tried resetting on my PC and on my Xbox One, and both of them say it can't be reset given my current play environment. Is there anyway that anyone knows how to fix it? 5 days is a bit long imo -- to reset a 2nd password. I can't use the personal shop or trade with my friends or anything.

Yes I know it's my fault. I've tried everything I can think of that I would have made it, and it doesn't work. So it's my fault --- but I have never gotten a response back from pso2 ... why does it have to be so difficult to reset =(


@wangel i am having the same problem. iv sent in 2 tickets about resetting it its been about a week. Other than the auto mail responses i have heard nothing. Yes it is very anoying it takes this long to reset a password. This should be something the player should be able to do when loging into this account on the web site or somthing.

I feel your pain. At least you only forgot your password. I wrote Mine down, and for some reason the game says its not the one I input, so I have no idea what the game thinks this 5 digit number is now. Been trying to reset for several days now. annoyed that this is not an automated system or at least less than a week turnaround. So, now playing the waiting game...

I put in a ticket and i got a response back the other day. said they are getting alot of tickets regarding this issue and they are going threw them as fast as they can. They said mine would be reset and to for the servers to register its reset. then 2 days ago when i went to the shop it asked me to type in a new second password. so its all good now

Hi, guys, I sent my ticket 3 days ago and still nothing, how long did you guys wait for a response?