This class needs a heavy beating with a nerf baton.

Bringing this thread up to date, summoners are great for low level to mid level content, once you start facing proper end-game content like solo PD for instance, you'll quickly learn they are not nearly as good as you think. PD solo is very much a run and gun dps race with you needing to be able to dodge, DPS, dodge, DPS in pretty quick succession especially on phase 2 where your fighting multiple parts which will ignore your pet and go for you, effectively reducing your DPS by as much as 90% as you end up having to dodge significantly with little breaks allowing you to do a quick burst of dps and then back to dodging.

Couple this with the fact your pets targeting is dumb, even with MAXED out pets you'll have a tougher time than most classes in this department, summoners 1 v 1 or 1 v many weak mobs then its fine, summoners vs multiple fast moving high DMG bosses then this class fairs poorly.

72 Summoner / 54 Force here. The 'chicken dance' mechanic isn't my favorite thing, but I've mostly soloed the entire 4 episodes (running with NPC story folks and the occasional free/friend) and I believe that means I beg to differ with you.

I'm not even the best summoner on the block. I think at my best, I dropped 284k on a 20 second stationary and I believe that's less than 1/4 of what is considered "end game average".

Personally, I like that I have to consider positioning and timing for pet send and callback. The play isn't as lock step stupid as you're making it sound, but you're right that it's not dancing the Riverdance while juggling raw eggs when the floor is lava and the boss focuses stationary folks.

Different strokes for different folks. I had my days of being an elitist jerk gamer, shank and spank pvper, GM endorsed roleplayer, blah blah blah... at the end of the day, there are different interests and intensities out here in the player market.... and believe it or not, casual players are much more necessary for longevity and revenue growth than any "hardcore" (current terminology is actually just 'core') segment other than, perhaps, the multi-boxers.

In fact, the only reason so many can play for free is that there are a devoted few (% wise) who spend crazy $$ for pretties so you can play for free.

So maybe lighten up on the casual play assumptions. Just because you have trouble with multi-speed boss fights doesn't mean we all do... some of us fight from the moon and basically never take a lick of damage thanks to dodging skill/timing and OG pvp training (face the enemy or die).

Learning how to pull, switch, off-tank, and keep aggro on your pet is not hard... you just have to actually work at it.

Anyone comes after me with a nerf bat better pack a lunch and take some vitamins.

Just saying.