While not super terribly important, it's a bit annoying with how many characters have been named. Instead of giving them proper sounding names, they sound out their names and go with however the Japanese call them. A big example is "Risa". Why not just keep it at "Lisa"? It doesn't sound as awkward this way. I know the Japanese have trouble with sounding out their L's, but that doesn't mean you have to replace every single L and R with the respective letter.

Alot of character's names all sound and feel odd, such as "Klariskrays" and "Bar Lodos", but again, that just goes with what I mentioned above. My biggest gripe is with spelling Lisa as Risa, mainly cause she's best girl.

My suggestion would be to make the names not sound as awkward, give them their proper L's where appropriate.

As a side note, yes, I come (and still play) from the JP server, yes, I use the unofficial translation (Which is why I'm used to the better spelling of their names), but it is, in my own opinion, alot better than the official.

Klariskrays is a cursed spelling of that name. What even.