Whats better Techer or Force?

What class do you think is better and why?

It's not really a matter of which you like better, more so what type of role you're looking to be. From what I can tell, techter is meant to be more support-based, while Force is meant to be more damage based. techter from what I've heard is pretty terrible as a sub-class unless it's for Force.

So all around, I'm guessing a lot of people are going to go for Force.

Go for both! One as main, one as sub! They work really great together! Techer's better for buffing and magic sword slashing, whereas force is a little more for casting spells [techniques]! But using both at once will get you ALL the space magic! 😹

Also, remember to fight your enemy with the element they're weak to, to raise PSE burst potential!

Techter and Force play different roles, like the others above me have mentioned. Techter is more support-oriented that offers hybrid tech/melee play, while Force is your classic bursty DPS magic class. They both have access to Compounds and Simple Compounds, as well. Try both of them out and see what you like more.

During the beta i picked Force and got to level 28 and trying to know from the community which is better

There's not really a "better."

They have different purposes. Its like Gunner and Hunter. They're both very good, but they do different things.

If you're looking for which has bigger numbers, that all depends on your gear and how you build.

Realistically, you can make any class viable as long as you put a little time and research into your gear, affixes, and skill tree.

@II-NighTMar3-Il "Which us better" is a question with an opinionated answer. You need to decide yourself what you like better, and you're able to swap freely between them. If you want to just make it easy on you, main Force and sub Techter so you can level Techter up as well as Force. If you get bored of Force, you can swap.

i love DPS magic so it sounds like from you guys its better to go with force??????????

If you wanna be casting DPS magic, yes, go with force 🙂

@II-NighTMar3-Il said in Whats better Techer or Force?:

i love DPS magic so it sounds like from you guys its better to go with force??????????

Force would be better if you're going for DPS. But keep in mind this game has an elemental system that actually matters. IE: A Fire enemy will be weak to ice. You'll also be charging / casting spells, rather than instantly flinging them.

I mean, once you get high level spells they'll pretty much be instantly charged.

Also, you can SUBCLASS which gives you a great deal of the subclassed class's abilities. This allows a Force-Techer Main/sub combo to invest in say, Foie skills and then invest in say, Megid skills. If I recall you can get like two trees of each maxed out meaning you can go Foie, Zonde, Megid, Grantz specialization and have 4/6 spell types doing Hella dmg.

I also recommend trying Jet Boot Bouncer for some techniques as well it combines magic casting and being in Air Gear the animation

@Reekz3517 Force/Techter should invest in all of the elements, as their multipliers also affect the multipliers for Compound damage. The only issue as of 75 cap max is the amount of points to distribute to the trees. Fire is one of the weakest elements as the game goes on, but you can split your points between Fire and Bolt easily to at least get some multiplier damage in for both, which might be what people who don't want or can't spend on extra trees will have to do until they give out Skill Tree Reset Passes.

@Lynn-F My bad. Let me clarify myself. You won't have enough points to invest Properly in each you need to prioritize certain elements. I do not know if with the cap increases from 75 they have enough points to obtain max tree investment in EVERY element. I just remembered now that you could Buy multiple skill trees for a class that you can swap between with a loadout. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as an investment if level cap did not allow for points to be able to be maximally invested.