Ability to Buy Boost Drinks for the whole party

I would like to be able to buy medical boost drinks not only for myself. But for the rest of my party from the Gateway Ship for my up to other 3 party mates. Be they humans and/or AIs.


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@KnightHarb1nger I get where you are coming from and that would be nice. The issue I think is that there are premium exclusive drinks that boost item rate and collection exp rate. That means that non premium users would be mooching off it which hurts their model.

If I may add something to the idea of party boost drinks. It might be nice to give more use to the med bay on the main ship. Perhaps it could have an exclusive drink for parties to encourage meeting up in person before launch. Perhaps it could even be a source of FUN points to encourage engagement. Or a drink that instead of needing premium it could just give everyone FUN if they don't need a stat boost.

But to your point, some kind of party boost drink is a fun idea.

Then just make it so premium drinks cannot be used party-wide. Have a tick/checkbox at the top of the list that enables the party-wide system, and grey out all of the premium options. Hovering over the tick/checkbox will give a message saying that it cannot be applied to premium drinks.)

Both good points! I forget if its the first 2 or 3 that are Non-Premium. But delineating between them would be a reasonable meet in the middle kind of solution. And while I can't stand even a strongly implied bordering on necessary comraderie. From a game's success standpoint that is a fantastic idea for parties. 😸

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