Request: Hunter/Techter Partisan Guide?

So, kinda getting a bit lost here. I've been maining Hunter with Partisan since I started. I love the lance work, and I love the way it works out so far.

But, I'm at a loss as to what does what. I'm looking to see if there's a guide for those of us in NA as far as this? Also if there's one for Hunter/Techter as well, that would be helpful. I know people keep saying I should swap the two around, but I seriously want reasons to do so before just going with the flow.

I'm one of those ones that likes to push the envelop, get the most out of something, and try to go off the rails into what most consider flat out crazy town. If it crashes and burns spectacularly, all the better.

Anyways, what you guys got out there to give a fellow Hunter a hand on it?

This is a pretty good video for concise details on what the PAs can be used for here:

As for Hunter/Techer, unfortunately there is a reason that the recommended builds/meta of the game is set as it is and that's because this game has been out for 8 years so people genuinely have an idea of why they say that they say. Most classes have a lot of 'main class only skills' which tend to be the most important ones. These skills being main class only basically kill subclass viability for a lot of them. Furthermore, between the different attack types, there are classes that just don't synergise and play pretty much the same as another subclass but just inferior. HuTe is one such situation where it's basically pointless.

The TL;DR is that the majority of techers build appeals to the ability to already be proficient at handling techniques like with force meaning that on a class like hunter with 0 technique multipliers it's a match made in hell. Furthermore for the sake of hunter, the maximum amount of extra damage you can get from them is 20% when hitting elemental weakness (1/6 chance for melee) and 10% when not hitting that weakness. Compared to the recommended subclass which is fighter which gives up to 77% extra damage for 2 natural to fulfill conditions.

@The-Raven So, this is going to sound a bit odd. But, break it down for me? The I'm kinda lost here. I didn't explore the Japanese version.

Why is it fully pointless as most are saying? I'm in it for the fun, not the meta "I'm unbeatable RAWR" game here. Yes, there's very little synergy. But I'm seeing some off hand with the Shifta and Deband, for example, as well as being your own Healer. Note this is Hunter main.

I'm also not really caring about maximum damage. Seriously. Numbers game. Uhh... what? I'm just happy to play a guy who's got a convincing high-tech spear that can do fun stuff with it.

Otherwise, I'm just staring at the idea of not synergizing and going WHY?

If you want to be a Hunter that can heal and use Techs, Summoner is a better option for your subclass, and if you aren't using Wands, then the gameplay would be virtually indistinguishable from using Techter as your sub.

Techter is mostly useless as a sub since you don't get access to their two best Main-Class-Only Skills, Deband Toughness and Shifta Strike; all it's other Skills are just meh as a sub for anything other than Force. Advanced Shifta and Deband are fine, but since they only serve to increase the potency of Shifta/Deband, and those only increase your Pwr/Def based on your base stats (ie. does not include your Weapons, Units, or Augments in the calculation), they do very little in the grand scheme of things.

Summoner, on the other hand, complements Hunter really well to increase its tankiness, since not only do you get access to self-healing and buffing via Techs, without needing to invest fully in Pet-related Skills you can get all the Stat-up Skills (including Mega HP and Total Defense) and HP Restorate, essentially letting you tank a lot more easily. I would set the Summoner tree up something like this:

In this game everybody is a DPS. A combination that has bad synergy is a combination that does lower dps more often than not and this is usually due to a lack of 'generic' multipliers. A lot of multipliers and damage increase for classes are main class only or are specifically designed for the weapons that the class uses, a few exceptions being hunter, fighter and summoner as subs where a decent amount of damage is basically unconditional.

However, though summoner is the current best sub for being a tech caster, even summoner sub is pretty much pointless since the tech access is not very useful due to the long charging times (there is a sub that will sort that out soon to come) and the 'tankiness' is redundant with the amount of shit hunter gives you in the first place.

So...a lot of this information is just wrong.

First of all, Techter is first and foremost a support class. It is not good at DPS. Not everyone is a DPS class. Secondly, Techter primarily uses Normal Attacks, which are melee, to do what little damage they actually can. Wand Hammer does a lot of damage but anything else you're looking at high durability with low attack. Techs are only supplemental to the DPS and the Buffs/Heals as a Techter, they are not the main thing. You are basically a cleric. You're either tanky in order to stay alive so you can keep your teammates alive, rushing into the heat of the battles to save those who can't save themselves, or you are skilled enough to be dodgy and put those points into more DPS, which I do not recommend because Techter is a terrible choice for a DPS class and you might as well just be a Phantom or something instead. Thus, as a Hu/Te, if you were going to play as this, your play style would basically be a support tank. The only reason Hu/Te would be useful over Te/Hu is if you're wanting to take aggro. You'd probably have a crap ton of HP, take the blows, heal those around you, and buff them/cast Zanverse so that they do 20% more damage. It's not necessarily an optimum combination, but if you're wanting to do a playstyle for fun rather than optimization, this is sort of what you'd be looking at doing if you're this combination. You would not be DPS, your DPS would suck, you'd need to be in parties all the time if you don't want to take ages in everything as you solo in contents. This is not much different than maining as Techter, though.