I dont know where to go from here...

So to get all the formalities out of the way, I'm a vet player..yrs blag blah blah lol so when I saw pso2 on NA xbox in jumped at the chance, etc... My problem lies in my ticket I did. A: I cant find the menu to check it and B: pretty sure I didnt get a response yet...over 4 days now lol My issue is when I get going in the game I accidentally delete stuff and not having been on for so long (since the Dreamcast days) I never knew you could lock stuff, soni ended up deleting(apparently) a weapon Cameron really wanted. Yes it's my fault but I thought I had set it aside in another invite slot for safe keeping. It's the Squeeky Hammer. And apparently ppl cant trade or sell them or give them away cause they are account bound..but is there a way to re- get this? Its litterly my last thing I really need for my cell outfit to be complete and I even tried making a new toon but that didnt give it back either. Can anyone help me here? Anything will and would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you =^_^=

Squeaky Hammer / Nacht was a give-away for logging in during the open beta. If you've already opened a support ticket, all you can do is wait--they're probably swamped trying to resolve all the Store & PC install issues.

@PrsnOfDsntrst did they say when we will be able to Transfer from ship to ship as well? I find it odd that if we have premium on all characters across the 3 ships we still cant transfer itens

Aside from the times listed on current scratches, UQ schedule and the date of the next maintenance, the only information we have at this time is a news blurb with the vague promise of parity by year-end.