Help with Hunter/Bouncer builds with Hunter as Main.. or maybe not?

So I'm a bit of an all-rounder kinda player. I like the concept of Hunter/Bouncer, or wouldn't mind Bouncer/Hunter either, however, I mainly like to use Swords, but I want the benefits of Bouncer and I like the Jet Boots as well.

To be honest, I like to use all the weapons in my classes kits. I use the Wired Lances, Partisans, Swords, Dual Blades, and Jet Boots for different situations. I mainly like my Swords though however.

So my question was, after looking I notice most Hunter and Bouncer builds have Bouncer as the main class.

It it possible to have a good build with Bouncer as main and still be able to do lots of Damage with Swords (Provided I find a Sword usable for all Classes) I'd like to be able to have a build that I can enjoy my 6 Weapon Palettes. 😛 Thanks!

To preface this: you can do literally anything you want since it's your gaming experience (even if you might be 'gimping' fellow party members).

Using sub class/off class weapons on your main class is a bad idea 95% of the time. The reason why you see BoHu as the most common build when looking up 'Bouncer' and 'Hunter' is because that is the only really correct combination for those two classes together. Hunter is an excellent sub class (so much so that it is used for 6/8 builds not counting hunter main itself). Bouncer on the other hand is a garbage subclass that is used for 0/8 builds and has pretty much been so since it's release 5 years ago. If you want to use sword, wired lances or partizans then you should use a hunter main build, where the recommended build is HuFi. Otherwise you should play BoHu.

Ultimately though if you mind is set on it then my recommendation would to be to use BoHu since hunter weapons have quite good functionaility outside their main classes relatively speaking. You would have to invest a couple points into the hunter side to unlock their focus and things like charge parry and healing guard.

But honestly speaking my guy, I wouldn't. This game unfortunately isn't as liberal as that and even though you have the illusion of choice with like 72 possible builds, only 9 of them are recommended and maybe another 3-4 if you really know what you are doing and really dislike meta gameplay.


Playing for yourself or with AIs. Do you sir/mam. But as @The-Raven says. If you want to be an effective contributing member of a mostly or all human based party/12 man run. It would be better to at least have the gear and palettes ready to go. And whatever appropriate Main/Sub class combos also ready to switch over. Though if you're with a close enough group of friends that wont be such a big deal probably. Or the ragging will be much more in fun than WTF you caused us to wipe bruh!

As with most things its always a balance. But I would keep your focus on what makes you enjoy/love the game the most. And adjust as can without violating that too much if at all.


o/ =^.^=

@The-Raven Thanks for the advice so far guys! So if I went Bouncer/Hunter, would my damage be a lot lower with Swords, or would it not be worth it?

I played PSU for over 6 years and I enjoyed being able to use multiple weapons as your class, so that's usually what I'm used to. I won't mind going Bouncer/Hunter so long as I can still use my Swords efficiently.

You basically can't because each class has specific multipliers and skills that are supposed to take advantage of the weapons designed for it. Chances are the damage is going to be troll tier...