Premium not worth the money.

why would anyone buy something without researching what they get first, this is all on you. lucky for you its definitely worth the money, you just dont know what you purchased yet it seems

edit: here let me help you with that

  • Item Trading With Other Premium Players
  • Full Player Room Features
  • Selling Items Through Your Player Shop
  • Access to Premium Storage (400 Items)
  • Access to Premium Craft Lines (04, 05, 06)
  • Save up to 20 additional Fashion Presets
  • Increased FUN Point earnings
  • Access to Premium Blocks
  • Access to Team Storage
  • Increased Client Order Capacity (20 → 40)
  • Increased Collection Sheet Capacity (03 → 05)
  • +50% Triboost Effect
  • Improved Drink Effects
  • Access to Premium Drinks
  • Increased Symbol Art Capacity (10 → 40)
  • Access to Premium Space
  • Enables 60 minute duration upon using [Salon Pass S]
  •     Allows you to re-edit your appearances in the [Beauty Salon] for 60 minutes
  • Enables 60 minute duration upon using [Color Change Pass]
  •     Allows you to re-edit the color of the outfit again for 60 minutes.
  • Access to Screen Filters
  • Access to Custom Light Settings
  • Access to Fixed Camera 4, 5, and 6.
  • Extended [Daily Boost] Effect
  • Access to Chat Commands that can Freeze Lobby Action animations
  •     Example: {/la bow s2} {/la bow ss2} (remove brackets)
  • Access to PSO2 Day Perks on the 22nd of every month.

@AndrlCh said in Premium not worth the money.:

You get 1 Mission Pass Gold Ticket for every 30-days you purchase

Thanks for confirming. Still would be nice for them to make it clear on the website of course.