Premium not worth the money.

I bought 2 months worth of premium in hoping to unlock everything that was behind a paywall, only to find that the things you usually get from paying a monthly sub in other MORPG's is still locked beyind a paywall. So what did I get for $30? About 2 months of being able to trade and extra prizes from daily log ins it seems 😠 I still had to pay more for extra character slots, now i have to pay more to open up the material storage on a monthly basis which should have been included in the premium. I'll know better next time (time to go back to FFXIV lol).

Friendly reminder that a premium service in a free to play setting is not the same as a subscription service for a pay to play setting.

One can easily wait until Premium is needed or more desired before purchase, among the other AC options. But if your decision is already set in stone, I doubt such words will hold meaning.

In my opinion, extra character slots and material storage just don't feel needed at this point.

now i have to pay more to open up the material storage

Most of the MMOs that have premium that gives a material storage are, or were, buy to play. The Elder Scrolls Online is the prime example. Phantasy Star Online 2 never requires you to buy the game first, nor has ever.

Though the game stability seems to be fixed for the most part by Tweaker I still wouldnt sub to a free MMO this close to launch. Give it some time and play the game and make sure this is a game worth your money. So far for me it very much has been worth me to sub but again I always give it a few weeks of solid play before paying for sub.

This is a pretty normal F2P model, it's not for everyone. At least there's no real P2W here, just inconveniences to pay through.

The premium set also gives a permanent triboost which does seem to have little effect if you only look at the buff in your playerinfo. However, this buff can actually really be felt when you're playing with non-premium players and keep talking about what you find (the exp can be seen as they were higher level when you started playing a session with them, at the end of the session you're the one who's higher level).

The material storage would indeed be very nice if they were added to the premium set. I don't feel bothered about it though. There are plenty of ways to gain the SG's needed for this storage. You can actually access it if you're a free to play player. I actually like that.

When it comes to the amount of character creations... why would you need more than one?

Besides trading and max client orders, there is more to the premium than stated by the OP. There's a triboost effect, access to premium storage, and access to Alliance Storage. I'm not sure if the mission pass is also part of the premium set, but I also received one after purchasing the premium set. The difference is pretty big between premium and non-premium imo. Big, but not so big that it's mandatory if you want to play the game properly. The only thing I hate about the premium is that non-premium aren't allowed to trade.

Mhm mission pass comes with prem. I think you get one for every month of it. So 90 days may be 3 passes. The medical drinks work a bit better too as your more likely to get better effects on the normal ones, some like rare drop up become available and gaining access to the 7000 and 20,000 one.

Some like weak damage up goes up from 1.5X to 2X. And finally you get to celebrate pso2 day on the 22nd. Though I'll have to admit, aside from a game called mabinogi many years ago. I can't remember any f2p game I've ever played that gave storage with prem service.

My only wish about buying these things a permanent option for storage. I'd pay more if I could keep it rather than rent it for 30/90 days. But that's what the 50 slot character storage is for and it goes up to 1000 so I'm not bothered. Just would of been convenient.

I agree. The monetization of this game is pretty gross. It's best to avoid it as much as you possibly can. Doing things quicker doesn't really matter so if you ever spend money it should be on something you can't do it all without it.

I miss the days of games like PSO1 where you simply buy the game and then it is a complete package forever.

Trading is still useless with a Premium Account; I tried to trade with my friend, and it refused to let me until he ALSO bought a Premium account.

What a load of garbage.

Trading is nice, personal shop, premium storage, daily logs, permanent tri-boost, pso2 day, alliance storage, gold pass, expanded orders and premium drink effects, idk all of those are things I can stand behind but if you feel like it's not worth it the game is fully playable without premium

What's bizarre to me is the lack of acknowledgement in this thread about the fact that you can also earn star gems without premium. As well you can use x cubes to buy fun to buy market passes. They also hand out a lot of free stuff like change passes. They aren't paywalling content, just minor convinces. Also if you're going to spend tens or even hundreds of hours in a free game, maybe support them?

while i am not for the pricing model in this game, premium is 15$ a month and gets the battle pass when you purchase it, along with more client orders, trading, quarters, a permanent boost, and a few other things.

my problems are the character limited purchase like costumes, and inventory. that is some nickel and dime bs i hate in these games.

@Raburesu said in Premium not worth the money.:

Mhm mission pass comes with prem. I think you get one for every month of it. So 90 days may be 3 passes.

The website seriously isn't clear about this. It says:

ENLIST TODAY, FOR 30, 60, OR 90 DAYS [...] Arks who purchase Premium Set Packs through the AC Shop will have access to: [...] One free Mission Pass: Gold Ticket.

So does this mean if you buy 30 days or 90 days, you get one gold ticket each way? Because if so the 90 days ticket would also require you to buy two gold tickets separately (90 days spanning just over 3 seasons' worth) making it the worse deal!

@Miraglyth You get 1 Mission Pass Gold Ticket for every 30-days you purchase, so a 90-Day Premium Set comes with 3 Mission Pass Gold Tickets. I have 2 extra Gold Pass Tickets in my Storage right now because of that.

I would say player trading is a huge bonus. It's possible to make far more meseta than without. The increased storage space and player housing is also something worth noting.