Is the "All Blink" costume available in NA release?

The "All Blink" costume was always my favorite but I can't seem so find it in the shops in NA. Is it in under a different name or does NA not get this costume?

Both most likely.

Costumes/outfits/etc will most likely have new or slightly different names based on translations, and we don't appear to have most of them yet from what I've seen.

I see, well it's the costume that Ulku wears in Episode 2 in case anyone knows what it is

I did see someone running around with it on, but they never answered my whispers on the NA name of the costume.

I saw it in one of the exchange shops I don't remember which one exactly. But I'm sure if you look at all of them you'll find it.

@SonoVulpin I've checked the exchange stores ( 2nd floor shopping and Swap / Fun stores) non have it. OP is talking about this outfit that is on Ulku. Yes I know she is an NPC, but I have seen people running around with the costume on NA. All Blink

@SageFather ah that it from the Mission pass that happened a while back. Very unlikely to get your hands on it now unless they put it into another Mission pass. Especially since those aren't trade-able items.

For some reason I thought the OP was referring to the weapon camo that makes your weapon invisible.

It was a fresh finds item.

Fresh Finds item: Slick Mechanic. Not on market.

@flclownsu69 said in Is the "All Blink" costume available in NA release?:

was always my favorite

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Fresh Finds item: Slick Mechanic. Not on market.

Suggestion: Rotate prior content back so players on new platforms can buy their favourite outfits and the server can generate more money.

I'd like that, going through costumes Xbox have received. Both variations of that outfit needs to resurface.

Here's how the system could work with outfits.

Have a small exclusive period where the outfit when bought, is not tradable such as 1 week or 1 month MAX.

Then it comes back tradable.

So if you buy it during the 1 week-1 month period, you will get the UNTRADABLE version.

After that you can buy the tradable version.