[Ship 2] O w O - Casual laid back atmosphere, looking for fun new memers

Looking for a place to ask questions without being downvoted because it has been asked within the last 364 days? Tired of figuring out your perfect fashion but have no one to compliment you on it? Are you into d a n k m e m e s?

Well then you might find a home at O w O. We are a small group of friends who are looking to expand.

Our interests include: PSO2 Cosmetic hoarding, Urgent Quest Grinding, and generally having fun just hanging out. Some of us played extensively on JP servers and now we're hoping to rekindle that fun on NA. We also love Anime, other vidya games and memes.


Alliance Name: O w O


Player ID: Grincherz // Character: Davia

Ship: 02 - Ur

Language: English

Timezones: CST; irregular hours typically afternoon / evening

Playstyle: Casual, helpful, active memers

Discord Usage: Voice not mandatory.

Discord Permalink: https://discord.gg/v7aGU2P

If interested post here, message me, or join our discord. We look forward to meeting you! ^^

I want in. I play semi regularly (Family Man with responsibilities) but I enjoy the game (Loved it when it was on Dreamcast). Will join Discord.

@Rage-of-Crom Happy to have you. We have people in the same spot - we aren't after any weird elitist goals, no attendance reqs here 🙂

Thank! I look forward to the fun time!

Obligatory Bump

Bump! We're up to 7 members now 🙂 I'm honest about where are numbers are here because we want to grow and just enjoy some PSO2.

Bumpity 🙂

We just reached 12 members which means we get all the rewards from the promotion- And now we're still growing strong 🙂

Bump- Still active still growing!

Bumpity bump 🙂

Bu bu bump! We're at 15 members just memeing away

xD Bump!

Bump! Still growing! If you join our discord ping an officer for an invite 🙂