Super hard passes

So I finally unlocked super hard mode. However it tells me it needs a pass. I googled to see where to get one but cannot find anything. Where do i get one?

Are you talking about Extreme Quests (which also unlock at the same time as Super Hard difficulty)? You get one pass every 22 hours from the NPC Prin (blonde NPC dressed in white next to Cofy).

no. I was going to try as a mission on super hard mode but it told me I have to possess a super hard difficulty permit?

@ShiveriaMoon You need to finish the quest for the permit at her counter.

@ERICK001BC So i went to the counter and she did not have a client quest for it at all.

@ShiveriaMoon You went to the one that gives you the permits correct (the mag client order, the auxiliary orders etc.) Once you hit a certain level you should get a cut scene. Try going to your gateway ship, run a quick sub quest (the 1st one) and come back tot the lobby and see if the animation/talk shows up.

Hmm. Just to be sure, you are at least lv50, right? If going near the Gateway entrance doesn't work to trigger Cofy's cut-in, try going into the Salon and exiting; for some reason that tends to trigger them.

@AndrlCh yes i got to 50 and i saw she said something about SH mode but when i went to her she had nothing

Did you try loading up an actual quest? Each quest exploration has 4 at the moment with super hard being the last (outside of advance quests/extreme)?

@ERICK001BC no but i will try after this advance quest. i was a bit nervous trying them at 50. i am still learning the game

@ShiveriaMoon She doesn't have a CO for SH unlocking; that cut-in chat is all that is needed to allow you to enter SH.

@AndrlCh ohh okay. well i feel dumb