Space didn't return after pso2_bin gone suddenly

I was able to play PSO2 for a while how ever I encountered multiple issues but was able to fix using the tweaker like the Gameguard and the permission issues however there's this one problem that ticks me off..........pso2_bin folder is no where to be found. I've been having that problem for a while and whenever it's gone the size on my Hard Drive doesn't go up it still the same after the complete install and patch of the game. This is the third time I've reinstalled PSO2. Is there another folder that pso2_bin might be located since my Hard Drive is still showing that it still have the files?

PS: If you guys encountered PSO2 showing on Japanese and doing another patch for the game you can backup the original pso2.exe then delete it. After that run the Tweaker and it will download another pso2.exe and the game will start. Also try using the Gameguard fix on the Tweaker's Troubleshooting option. Majority of the Gameguard issues can be fixed by it

Have you tried restarting in safe mode and checking if all files are clear? You can also run a defrag to check disc cleaning space.

@ERICK001BC Yeah I did checked it on safe mode but never tried defrag. I was considering that since when I checked the space of my hard drive it doesn't match the size that was inside my hard drive. Probably defrag might work. I'll let you guys know after this. My plan is I'l just use the PSO2 Tweaker tool to install the game from there since the new update on their tool allows this time to install PSO2 "theoretically" avoiding Microsoft Store from nuking it

@Verkis8158 Keep us posted.

If it still takes up space without the pso2_bin folder in ModifiableWindowsApps, check for a folder with oxyna in the name in WindowsApps. If nothing is directly in that folder, check Mutable, MutableBackup, and Deleted.

@ERICK001BC Defrag didn't work. I thought probably it might arrange it properly but size of the Hard Drive didn't work

@Ragnawind I found the oxyna folder under MutableBackup and oh boy that was a lot there and all of them are PSO2 files! Imma delete them all!

Thanks to the both of you I hope this post gets pinned so it can help others as well