Stuck on login with a popup.

So I've been playing for a while since launch, but I didn't log in yesterday. When I tried to log in today, it gave me this and I can't get in. Also, the game is taking a while to start up.

スクリーンショット 2020-06-02 21.52.33.png

There is x on the pop up, does it work after you click out of it? You can also check what items are popping up and stop them from doing it in the bottom right by the calander.

Nothing happens to the game when I click out of the popup. But when I press enter the popup just pops up again. So I'm stuck out here.

I think I know what's wrong. Xbox signed me out, and isn't letting me sign back in for some reason. I click the sign in button on the game bar and just nothing happens.

@Pintlemounted Do you have auto sign in available. I know a lot of people said doing that on the google/internet edge helps it recognize and run better.

I turned auto sign in on. But that hasn't helped (I might have to restart, but I don't want to because I'm a: doing things right now and b: afraid that the game will uninstall itself)

@Pintlemounted I getcha, you might have to still try and restart when you are done just to be safe.

Yeah. Thanks for the help.

@Pintlemounted NP, sorry I couldn't be of any more help. Best of luck.