modern fashion?

im pretty lame but do you guys think modern fashion will come to the game even if its just a little bit. hoodies are my thing

@WoodierTable747 There are several hoodies and normal "Earth" outfits that will be released. You can take a look at the back catalog of the scratches that have been on the JPN server here:

(disclaimer: some of the outfits and accessories that you see may end up in the Mission Pass or Fresh Finds Shop when we get them on the NA server rather than in an AC Scratch and others may never come to NA due to licensing)

@AndrlCh thank you for the info!

@WoodierTable747 Just a heads up, that with the way hoodies have been going, the hood itself is separate from the jacket. The bones one is a good example. Also the accessory tends to be a lot more expensive (meseta wise).