A fix to attempt? Auto-nuking and PSO2 being installed on a different drive "Change where content is saved".

I no longer have the will to keep trying, as I have now 137 gigs frozen on my 2TB drive of pso2 backups that I, the admin don't have permission to delete... BUT.

I've had the auto nuking problems, tried the tweaker and got NO USER problems. Also started having problems with State of Decay 2. Now, since I use 2 drives.. my OS on my ssd and I thought I had everything else set to install on E. Sod2 kept coming up saying "Needs repair" and i've reinstalled it a couple times. Did a lot of searching over a couple days and tons of needless downloading. What I found was a single reply in a reddit thread from a month ago about something else. "Change where new content is saved". Windows > Settings > System > Storage. Down towards the bottom is (mine was) "Change where new content is saved". While everything else was set E:, "New Apps will save to:" was still set to C:. I changed it to E: and it suddenly found my SoD2 game that it had before stated needed repair. Now seemingly fine.

Now, I'm wondering if I still had Pso2 installed correctly instead of permission denied backups... would it work now? And I wonder if that's the problem a lot of people are having with Win10 and installing on separate drives.

Like I said, I no longer have the will to install the game again. Lest till there's word from someone official it works right... But, I wonder if anyone is willing to test it out. See if it fixes it for them if they haven't uninstalled. Worth a shot?

No one wants to try it? Ok den.