Alliance Music Discs


I recently upgraded my alliance to allow me to add music discs. I have done so, but now I don't know where they went. I don't seem to have anything in my alliance room to play music, so is that something I'll unlock later? I'd hate to have them stuck in my alliance without a way to play them.

@PeterThomas6 You registered the music disc into the alliance quarters. Once they are gone from your inventory you can not get them back. Later when you upgrade you can choose a song to play in the background. You will need AP each time you want to change the track but the songs never leave the library and are there forever.

@ERICK001BC Oh, understood! I need them to give me a way to earn more Ragol Memories then!

@PeterThomas6 They currently don't have any way of getting them atm. Though you can always do 2 things, either buy more regol packs (about $400 worth if you want all the content there.), or you can search the songs, in the player market. They tend to be a bit pricey.