Photon capsule machine

Ok I can’t find a answer on This, do you need to have premium to put items into this or just a shop pass and a room pass to set it up?

You do not need premium. Once you edit the personal Bio, you can go over to the item you want or are gifting and hit start on the item to open the menu, it should be under acquire gems for outfit, and it say's add to wish/gift list. You can do it with items you don't have by doing the same thing.

@ERICK001BC I think you are miss understanding me, I’m not talking about the gift list or wish list I’m talking about the photon capsule machine that’s like a gumball machine that goes in your room and you can set a price for people to pay with a spin to get items you put into it, my ? Is do you need premium or just a shop and room pass to use it(I already know you have to have a room pass to place it cuz you can’t put it in the mini room)

@ERICK001BC ah now I see where the confusion is coming from that’s my signature on the forms lol

@SaviorZero82 Yep, sorry about that. I will try when I get home. I know a lot of the items are room base, but even the shop I have is premium base and can be placed but can't be used by me. I'll have to see it because I just redid my room when they added the 3 day pass. Got me a month.

@ERICK001BC nice also it’s nice to know they added the room passes back to the shop

@SaviorZero82 Yes, I am very happy about that. BTW, I have seen people do prizes for the dice game. I'll prob pick it up for my "fun zone" room, have arcades and baths in my left room. But i seen people make it so if they roll a certain number they win meseta that the player has placed. I have the darts, the reaction, golf, the code cracker, but I wonder what else count as active things.

@ERICK001BC I believe that’s pretty much it, there will be a punching bag and a rodeo machine well possibly those things

@SaviorZero82 Both of those sound nice.

I bought the item. I can comfirm that it does not let you put ANY items because it say's you need premium. I took a screenshot that i'll post later. Also bought the dice and you can pick messages but not actually put a prize. You can check my room if your on ship 1.

@ERICK001BC thanks for doing this

@SaviorZero82 Don't worry about it. I was curious about it myself and I have tons of fun points thanks to those xcubes.

Sorry for the delay, I called out sick yesterday from work, and wasn't able to log on because of Error code 630.


Ok so i did this method I am doing in every game if trading is the problem that requires AC premium then I got you covered.

A.) Lending a cash/messeta/gold Try to tell the player to sell any trash item to his personal shop (can get in fun scratch) that worth the messeta you will give him.

B.) You search for his P-Shop and buy that trash item so he get the money

C.) Let him buy what he wants EZ

D.) You get the money back if he buys the item from you (the item you want to gift)

Hope it helps 😉