Mouse and Keyboard Freeze or Non Responsive During Game Loading

I load up the game and get to the Press enter to start part of the game.. If I hit any key or the mouse buttons the game crashes. I can get into the game by starting with my Xbox controller button..

However when I do this 19 out of 20 times the mouse freezes where it was and wont respond to mouse movement. There is also no response to any input from the keyboard. This continues for the duration of playing the game.

So I can not enter my pin to use the in game store, chat or do anything beyond using the controller...

Anyone else have this problem or potential fixes?

Tried re-installing, using pso tweeker, moving game to D drive so far same problem.. Using different usb ports...

When I'm back to windows mouse and keyboard are working again so its something within PSO..

I am guessing you went over to settings and changed the in game settings to keyboard instead of controller?

No settings are set to controller.. However when I have tried it happens also with keyboard and controller set.
No matter which setting I have the keyboard and mouse get locked out most of the time I start the game.

did you by any chance update your windows to May update? if yes there's a pain in the azz bug MS has yet to fix (game input)