CBT feedback: Display and text description

Just a bit of feedback I couldn’t include in the survey. My visual setting was 4K Large:

  1. Display size: I’ve spent quite a time fidgeting with my PSO2 settings, tv settings, and Xbox settings trying to make this work. Every single setting had the mini map location (letter - number) cutoff so I couldn’t see my location. Also tried switching settings from small to large.

  2. Text description for classes/shop items: any time there was a description for a class skill or shop item, it would not display correctly if it was 2 lines. This wasn’t a display issue, but the text box was simply too small and would cut off the text.

I know there are some other issues with the HUD/UI, but issue seemed to be ease of access for console players (nothing significant).

I was extremely impressed by the beta. Ran very smoothly and similar to the JP version.

I think the display size settings are disabled till the official release. I also had an issue with the text description for one of Jan's orders where it showed the order description in the middle line instead of the first line severing the text in half.

I feel your pain. Due to my age, I need the text setting to be a certain size, but since we can't adjust our screen border limits, we have to use these prests that still cut off items like the dungeon area you are in.

Yeah, unfortunately my screen borders are cut off on the edges so it's impossible to see names of enemies or items on the ground.