"Another application forced the game to close"

I get the error that's in the title whenever I try launching the game. Whether it's from the Microsoft store (when it actually wants to open the launcher) or the tweaker this error pops up before the Sega logo appears. I was able to play the game once. I made a character, played through the tutorial mission, and got to the lobby. I closed the game to make sure the game was in my nviidia 3D graphics card setting and I've only gotten the error since.

I took the game out of my nvidia settings, uninstalled the game from the MS store, installed it via the tweaker alongside using the tweaker's troubleshooting options, and the error still pops up. Oh, and every .exe file for the game and tweaker are exceptions in my antivirus which is Kaspersky. Even the Japanese version, which used to work fine with the tweaker, now displays this error.

The thing is is that this game is the only game, heck the only application, that gives me this error. Nothing else has ever given me this error. What am I missing? I've tried googling and youtubing but all I get are how to force close games and applications which is the opposite of my issue.

There is something that is tripping GameGuard that is running on the PC, if you keep getting this problem. All you can do is stop all non-essential services, aside from Microsoft services and close all non-Microsoft Apps that you can. If it then starts working again, you need start loading them up again, if you really need them, until you find what is tripping it.

Thank you. I'll have to give that a try when I get home.

Turns out it was Nvidia. The geforce experience and specifically the web helper service. With that disabled the game runs just fine.

Hey I'm having the same issue except that message happens when I'm in a Mission, I tried Closing Nvidia GeForce experience and the web helper service and it still crashes

I reinstalled Windows 10, added PSO2 to exceptions and disabled Firewall and Defender, uninstalled Geforce Experience after driver updates, and forced shutdowns on multiple other background applications. I still get this error.

Did you try other processes like ragnawind said to do? I literally shut down all the processes that would stay shut down and found that the game worked. I restarted my computer to get them all back up again and one by one shut one down and tried the game after each individual shutdown until I found the one that allowed the game to run past that error.

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@ZEO-CMF now let me ask you, is the message of the title of this post appearing to you? because if it is then is something getting in conflict with GameGuard and programs like anti-virus are pretty common to do this kind of conflict with it