Scratch Off

Why can’t I access the new military themed items that I see in the store? They should have been released tonight for the new scratch off and it has been almost 3 hours with no access. Is anyone else experienced this? The FUN shop is not updated either.

They usually update the main page when they release it. I don't see it on there, but last time during the dark omen it was up in the shop by 8pm est before the shop showed it. You might have to wait a bit.

Also they don't add anything new without removing an old AC now. Career line is leaving so I don't know if it's even being released today or next week (9th)

A lot of people already have the items. I can go to personal shops and purchase items. There is an update on the PSO2 site about the new FUN items but I can’t access them either.

@Juletones76 Are you on PC or Xbox, because my sister told me that they are showing up on Xbox right now. Your just going to have to type and see atm until they put it up. might not show up until reset.

Yeah I'm on PC and haven't seen the new stuff pop up for me yet. Re-logging didn't make it show up. Lot of players already rocking the stuff though.

Yeah, most likely by reset it should be up for everyone. You can try searching in market if you know the name of the item, and usually seller who has item will have other items you can look through of that scratch.

Dont buy anything early theyll probably drop later

I tend to avoid when things first drop as they are up there on prices. Just base wear/outwear tend to be best to buy, usually lower than 100k