No music during missions

Hello everyone. I have had a lot of trouble with PSO2 but I managed to deal with most of them and have been enjoying the game so far. There is one problem I havent been able to fix and that is the fact that there is no music playing during missions. Not even the fanfare plays after beating a boss. Now idk if there is a setting i have to fiddle with or I accidentally got rid of an important file while trying to get this game to run, but I was wondering if anyone else has been having this problem. If you did then how did you fix it. Thanks in advance!

I think you may need to restart it, if it doesn't work after that you may have lost the music file if you're on Pc. Best thing would be to see if you can reinstall it.

@ERICK001BC Reinstalling did cross my mind but i really dont wanna have to reinstall this a 4th time. Ill check the music files tho to see if anything is missing.

@Kibarussell If the file is missing, you can reacquire it by using the check files option in the launcher.

@ERICK001BC does tweaker have a similar option?

Never mind i see it in tweaker. Thanks eric. I just hope this doesnt mess things up again

@Kibarussell Hope for the best, expect the worse. Best of luck