Ship 2 NA Server

NA's ship 2 server: (just starting)


Would love to see a chat...🙄

Made a Discord for Ship 2 if anyone is interested in joining.. I am also looking for experienced Admins to help run it ..

Bump post up if you join keep this tread alive for more Ship 02 Arks can join

Bump we are growing super fast join up

Come join the Ship 02 server 😎🙌

Come join our Ship 02 Community discord. We are growing very fast and are deticated to you the Ship 02 Arks

We have

Trading/selling Fashion (post up your screenshots) Affix consultation Tree help And more

Does xbox have a discord app?

No but the app is free for phones and PC

Come join one of the fastest growing Ship 02 community on Discord

Nice we will be the biggest Shop 02 discord in NA