is it possible to get a refund on AC?

just wondering if any PC players have sucessfully refunded AC? I have lost count of the amount of times I have had to reinstall/fix this game I am just done.

I'm right there with you, or at least reset the 30 day premium.

I thought AC is account based? If you uninstall the game, doesn't your character still exist? Or do you mean as compensation for the bad launch?

Yeah it's still there. I'm just talking about all this time reinstalling, and not being able to play after people purchased packs that give you time exclusive services and items.

I sent a support ticket directly I will keep yall posted.

Please keep us posted.

When "new" MMO launches, we expect problems. If the game has been out to the public for last 8 years and having this kind of issues now?, not acceptable. They really need to compensate PC users.

@Danorua I agree 100 percent.

@Danorua But that game was the original. This is not the original game. It is a port with things being changed to meet English requirements and translations. That mean that the original game is being altered so that places outside of Japan can enjoy it. Ports where the base game is changed will obviously have issues because of messing with codes. Plus they are making it so the game can work outside of just a computer. There are lots more going into it. Plus they didn't have the licence to the game (MS) 8 years ago, and have been working on it for about 2 years. The game works but Microsoft just like other game company always have issues bringing their games to pc. Example, Rockstar, RockSteady, EA, Ubisoft, Bethesta.