I officially give up.

I was pretty hyped for this game to launch in the month after they announced it coming to PC. Haven't been this disappointed by a game launch.... ever, I believe. I never had a problem getting it to start. But the resolution issues are unsolvable as far as I can tell. I play on a 42" TV as my monitor so I can't play in fullscreen. This game will not run in windowed mode other than a window that covers the FULL screen and is a pixelated mess no matter what settings it's on. I honestly have tried since launch day to fix it. I read tons of posts with "fixes". I changed the settings in the games files manually. I downloaded Tweaker and changing the window dimensions and resolution there did nothing for me. Changing the UI scale does nothing. My only option is to play in a fullscreen window that is way too large with a UI that is so small it's almost impossible to read. I had zero problems UNinstalling and for that I am grateful. I don't think I'll ever be coming back to this game even if it launches on a different platform with tons of patches and content updates. Not worth the headache again.

PSO2 doesn't support higher resolutions than 1080p so... no 4k resolution.

Just use a standard PC monitor.