Microsoft AC Shop Purchased Still Missing!

I bought 1,000 AC and then 500 on the 28th the day the came out a few hours after playing. I would like to spend more, but my faith in the system is fading fast.

I contacted Microsoft with my order numbers and they confirmed the purchase went through and was delivered, but I have yet to receive the items nearly a full week later. They said I would have to contact you.

I submitted a ticket to you guys 3 days ago and there has been zero response. This has been a huge hassle considering the items I had intended to purchase was player storage increase.

I'm posting here in case someone else has any solution, because no one else seems to be listening.

This post is deleted!

same with me. I purchased 5 or 6 days ago. until now, No AC in my account. I purchases 2000 AC. also sent a report ticket but no response. any update from your end @NocturneHell ?

No reply, and unfortunately I don’t see a way to even track your ticket on this limited site. The only thing I have is the email confirmation that they have never replied to.

Same situation sadly bought AC once and it went through instantly bought a 2and time and I did not recieve anything