Requiring help with a certain enemy(SPOILERS IN THE POST)

So i have done Dark Falz Luther in the story quest,I have barely made it because of a specific attack,the one where he basizally go Za Warudo(THE WORLD!) on you,AKA stops the time and then launches giant spikes at you. How do you stop that? The raid version of Luther is starting tomorrow and I would like to contribute to the fight properly... Any help about this would be highly appreciated.

@Morgothryuzaki When he freezes you in time you wiggle your movement keys/analog quickly to break free, then destroy the sword closest to you. That spot will be safe and you can then help others destroy theirs.

Oh shit so I didn't wiggle fast enough..

You can also avoid getting frozen all together by dodging at just the right time, allowing you even more time to break the swords.

This is especially important in XH since he will do another time stop and deploy another set of Swords while you might still be frozen.

@AndrlCh What is the timing I should aim for? I didn't even notice the animation tell

@Morgothryuzaki Basically it is just as the red circles extend fully from the sword, just before the background turns black and white. It just takes some practice to get it down, but it eventually becomes second nature once you do.

@AndrlCh Thanks! I'm noting it and might go practice it a bit.