Question about Bouncer related stuff

So the boots are considered a Tecjnique catalyst,how does it scale with the spell level for the boots elemental charge?

I'm having a bit of difficulty parsing exactly what you are asking.

If you mean something along the lines of if the level of the charged Tech used for changing element has some effect, then no, it doesn't.

@AndrlCh Alright I wasn't sure if it was clear enough. You know the whole action enhancing the boots with an elemental type? Does the level of the spell affects it in terms of scaling? For example,will I get more damage with a Foie 8 over a Foie 1?

@Morgothryuzaki No, it does not. All that matters is the actual element of the Tech.

If you are primarily using the Techs to change element (rather than as damaging attacks), then you want to consider the charge time of the Techs for fast element switching.

@AndrlCh Ahhh,that makes sense. I wasn't sure since some of these mechanics aren't all that clear.